Useful Links for Writers and Editors 

Microsoft Word: If you are writing in Word and are planning to work with an editor, you should learn how to use track changes. The following posts will show you how to use track changes efficiently so you can get the most out of your professional editing and it can be useful when you are self-editing too.


Track changes in Word

Video with basic track changes instructions


A three-part blog on writing insights from successful author Hugh Howey. Read it on his blog here.


A blog post by author Robert Lukins: Getting The Edits Back On Your Debut Novel: A Survival Diary.  Read it here.


Louise Harnby offers excellent advice for writers on her blog The Proofreader's Parlour:  A blog for editors, proofreaders and writers.  Read it here.

Louise's blog about how to punctuate dialogue in a novel can be found here.



New Writing North supports writing and reading in the North of England. Lots of resources for writers.


A free open learn course.  Click on the link below:

Literature and Mental Health: Reading for Wellbeing

The great 18th-century writer Dr Samuel Johnson, 
who suffered from severe bouts of depression, said, “The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life or better to endure it.”



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